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May 7, 2016

Spring Break: continued
Fushimi Inari

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Read more about Diana’s adventures and life in Yachiyo City:

Life in  Yachiyo City, Japan

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So for this photo, I thought about cropping out the power lines, but I purposefully didn't. This is an example of one thing about Japan I find truly interesting. There are so many temples and shrines that are incredibly old and the Japanese people have done very well preserving such structures by either taking care of them or rebuilding them and continuing to restore them as time goes on. Yet, we also know Japan as a hub for technology. There is a unique dichotomy here: deep roots embedded in history while continuously growing upward in technological advancement. You can be walking through Tokyo amongst skyscrapers, blinking lights, sports cars and then stumble upon a stone shrine that is still used. It is a unique feature to Japan that characterizes the place in my mind.