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October 17, 2015

Green Symphony Girls and Yacchi’s Kitchen

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Read more about Diana’s adventures and life in Yachiyo City:

Life in  Yachiyo City, Japan

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These are the other lovely ladies that I share an apartment complex (Green Symphony), a job role and numerous adventures with. We have (from left-right) Jazmyn, from North Carolina and in her first year as an ALT like myself; Jennifer, from Tyler and in her second year; Jessica, also from Tyler and in her third year; Jenny, the last Tyler girl among us and in her fourth year; me; and Angela, from California and in her fourth year as an ALT. Jazmyn and Angela are a part of the JET program and I am so glad they were placed in Yachiyo with Jennifer, Jessica, Jenny and I. I couldn’t have asked for better girls to share this experience with and they have made transitioning to this new lifestyle all the easier and more enjoyable.

So, you may be thinking, why are we wearing aprons? Well, this photo is from a local event we helped lead called Yacchi’s Kitchen. Yacchi is the Yachiyo mascot, and I believe to be a teal colored owl… maybe.. nevertheless he is one of the many adorable mascots in Japan. Yacchi’s Kitchen is a cooking facility where many events are held among other functions. We had an American menu (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies) that we cooked with children who attended the event. All conducted in English of course! It was a way for them to practice some English as well as learn about American food. Plus, it was a way for some of us (besides the kids) to learn how to cook meatloaf for the first time… The kids had a lot of fun, especially with mashing the potatoes! The boys in my group also took a lot of joy mixing up the meat, crackers and eggs before shaping the meatloaf. Everyone’s meals came out well and some kids were even excited to use the recipes at home.

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Left to right: Jazmyn, Jennifer, Jessica, Jenny, Diana, and Angela.