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October 24, 2015

Field Trip with The International Group of Yachiyo City

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Read more about Diana’s adventures and life in Yachiyo City:

Life in  Yachiyo City, Japan

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Stunning waterfall in Yamanashi.


Birth house of Nezu Kaichirou, a prominent man in Japanese history, contributing a lot especially to education.

Yamanashi Prefecture

Recently, we were invited to attend a trip with an International Group here in Yachiyo. They are a group of Japanese individuals who are interested in practicing their English, traveling, global affairs among many other subjects. They lead and organize various events in Yachiyo, such as an International Day at one of the local malls. Every year they organize and take a bus trip to various parts of Japan and have generously extended the invitation to the ALT’s for the past few years. This year, the trip was to Yamanashi prefectue, west of Tokyo and Chiba prefecture where I currently reside. During our trip, we were able to experience a remarkably beautiful area of Japan just as the fall color is beginning. We wound our way up into the mountains among emerald, ruby and gold foliage; however, the real gem was the breathtaking view of the cities and countryside below, nestled between fog covered giants.

The images above are from the birth house of Nezu Kaichirou (1860-1940), an industrialist and a late President of the Tobu Railway Company, in the city of Kaikoku. Surrounding his home are impeccably tailored gardens, where we happened to see a newly married couple taking some wedding photos. They were both dressed in traditional wear and were such a sight.

…more to follow…