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May 8, 2016

Spring Break: continued

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Read more about Diana’s adventures and life in Yachiyo City:

Life in  Yachiyo City, Japan

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Tottori, about a 3 hour train ride form Kyoto, is most famous for it’s sand dune park. I have to thank my friend Natalia for telling me about this place. It was hard to believe that these sand dunes exist in Japan! They also have a sand sculpture museum that has a new theme each year (2016 is Germany, I believe). Unfortunately it was in between shows while I was in Tottori, so next time… But, I did get to walk barefoot in the sand, put my toes in the cold ocean and ride a camel (for a touristy two minutes) which happens to be my favorite animal. <3

In conclusion, traveling to Kyoto and Tottori was an incredible trip. However, something I think is important to keep in mind when anyone is traveling is your expectations vs. reality. Since moving here, I have become even firmer in my belief of being real with yourself about places you travel to. We all have romanticized far off places; due to media perspectives, embellished stories and those perfect Instagram pics… It is difficult to move past the romantic images we have in our head. Not to say these should be replaced with negative imagery - just real ones: the imperfect and unexpected. Travel is for many an escape from the routine and the overly familiar. By being open to unexpected experiences instead of needing to have every expectation met, you will have a really authentic and unique experience. One that will leave a very satisfying aftertaste. Kyoto, Arashiyama, and Tottori definitely left me very satisfied.