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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Tyler Sister Cities is partnering with Jelenia Gora to help to Ukraine.

Below is a letter we received on behalf of Mayor Jerzy Łużniak, from our sister city, Jelenia Gora, Poland. The Jelenia Gora Sister Cities organization is assisting their sister cities in Ukraine, as well as helping refugees arriving in Poland. Please consider donating to this grave humanitarian cause. Thank you.

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Mayor Jerzy Łużniak, I am asking for your support. Our friendly cities in Ukraine, Siewierodonieck, Tarnopol and Rivne, are in a very bad humanitarian situation. Jelenia Góra has become a centre of assistance for our twin towns in Ukraine, but we are also trying to help people who have come to Jelenia Góra as refugees. Poles and inhabitants of Jelenia Gora have become very involved in helping the Ukrainians, but with the escalation of the conflict, our help is becoming a drop in the ocean.

That is why we are asking for your help. We have prepared two forms of support.

The first is financial assistance. The city has opened an account in PLN, EURO and USD, where you can transfer funds that will be used to buy the most necessary things and sent to Ukraine or needed for refugees.

Michał Kryla
Assistant to Mayor Jerzy Łużniak
Jelenia Gora, Poland

City of Tyler Accepts Check on Behalf of Jelenia Gora - April 8, 2022

Tyler Mayor Don Warren accepts a check from Tyler Sister Cities’ President Brent Pemberton and Treasurer Indre Pemberton:  Read Facebook post

City of Tyler News Release - April 1, 2022

Tyler Deputy City Manager Stephanie Franklin speaks via Zoom with Mayor Jerzy Łużniak of Jelenia Góra. The call was facilitated by Tyler Sister Cities Jelenia Góra Liaison Mickey Slimp:  Read news release

Make a Donation to help Ukraine

We’ve raised $30,438 so far!
Thank you, East Texas.
You are very generous!

Updated April 20, 2022

Freedom for Ukrania

100% of  all donations made through Tyler Sister Cities will be wired directly to Jelenia Gora for aiding the Ukranian people.

Thank you to our donors – we appreciate your generosity!

Mayor Don Warren
Tom Mullins
Sammi Broussard
Schwab Charitable
Michael Serice
Nery Voss
J.D. Meyer
Patricia Johns
David Finlay
Nancy Grimes
Glen Van Dyke
Russell Jackson
Lane Luckie
Gary Traylor
Julie Farias
Teresa Dutt
Kevin Hard
Julie Henry
Ernest Cornelius
Marilyn Adcock
Dianne Moore
Kathleen Wallace
John Lewis
Susan Martin
Jennifer Utzman
B. Timothy Pennington
Barbara Hart
Mickey Slimp
Brent & Indre Pemberton
Susan Eastman
E. A. Barth
David Jett
Becky Pool
Claudia Carroll
Shirley Hughes
Jimmy Williams
Lorri Allen
Ruth Hogan
Cheryl Thomas
Matthew Goodson
Chris Albertson
Brenda Chiarizio
Marilee Polidoro
Pam Litton
Sars MCcarty
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Judy Moore
Pamela Jones
Richard York
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Marilu de Carvalho
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